• Contestants may be 19 and younger. 
  • We start at 10 a.m. on Saturday’s and 9 a.m. on Sunday’s. 
  • All events are ran both days. (except HS Bull Riding. It will be at beginning & end of Saturday’s performance).
  • Each weekend consist of 2 rodeos.
  • Rodeo Event Fees
    • Pee Wee Division (ages 4 & under): $10 per event 
    • Mutton Bustin (ages 7 & under/65 lbs) $20
    • Junior (ages 5-9), Senior (ages 10-13) and High School (ages 14-19) Division: $25 per event 
    • High School Bulls (ages 14-19) : $35 

List of Events 

Mutton’ Bustin’

Pee Wee Dummy Roping

Pee Wee Goat Ribbon Pull

Pee Wee Poles

Pee Wee Barrels

Junior Calves

Junior Dummy Roping

Junior Breakaway Roping

Junior Goat Ribbon Pull

Junior Poles

Junior Goat Tie

Junior Barrels

Senior Steers

Senior Goat Tying

Senior Poles

Senior Chute Dogging

Senior Breakaway Roping

Senior Barrels

High School Bulls

High School Goat Tying

High School Poles

High School Chute Dogging

High School Girls Break Away Roping

High School Barrels

Tie Down Roping

Team Roping