Rodeo Events

  • Contestants may be 19 and younger
  • Fees
    • Pee Wee Division: $5 per event (ribbon class event)
    • Junior, Senior and High School Divison: $15 per event

List of Events


Muttin’ Bustin’


Pee Wee Dummy Roping


Pee Wee Goat Ribbon Pull


Pee Wee Poles


Pee Wee Barrels


Junior Calves


Junior Dummy Roping


Junior Goat Ribbon Pull


Junior Poles


Junior Goat Tie


Junior Barrels


Senior Steers



Senior Goat Tying


Senior Poles


Senior Chute Dogging


Senior Breakaway Roping


Senior Barrels


High School Bulls


High School Goat Tying


High School Poles


High School Chute Dogging


High School Boys Breakaway Roping


High School Girls Break Away Roping


High School Barrels


Tie Down Roping


Team Roping